DSLaunchpad ULTRA 2021 – We help SME to be more productive
Afin by amiga is an application that provides financial and administrative services for SMEs.
Pitch deck   /   Connect to founder – Art & Beauty Online Course by Top-Tier Instructor provide affordable art & beauty online classes by top-tier instructors.
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Ayo Indonesia – Super Football Community App
Ayo Indonesia is a mobile app that allows football players and teams to connect and play football.
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Bumblebook – Blue Apron for childhood education
The learning partner for parents & children in their first 2,000 golden days
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Dream Planner – Journal-based self-development app
DreamPlanner is a platform to help people define their dreams and achieve it by building a good habits, behaviour and positive mindset.
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eKopz – One Application for All your Cooperative Activities!
eKopz is a financial report automation and transparency tool to help cooperatives to record and share real-time data.
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FishLog – BULOG for Cold Chain Fisheries Commodity
Integrated fisheries value chain solution. Enabling nationwide cold chain network.
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GudangEmas – Gold-trading platform to help customers make more profit
Provide affordable gold product and help customers sell their gold with maximum possible return.
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Homeplan – Home renovation platform
Homeplan is an integrated home renovation platform that provides interior design inspiration and easy cost estimation that helps home-owners to easily and safely renovate their dream houses.
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Izidok – Doctor’s private assistant & EMR platform

Izidok is a cloud & web-based SaaS platform of e-Medical Record and Medical Practice Management for Doctors, allowing private doctor to manage EMR digitally & provide access of EMR to their patients.
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Kuesio – Better way for researchers to conduct online research
Kuesio is an end-to-end online research platform from creating questionnaire to analysing the data
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Monika – Open source web app testing and monitoring tools
Monika is a synthetic user monitoring tools, that can act as an automated testing tools.
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Quipy – Online seller productivity app
Using Quipy online seller can manage inventory, transaction and reply to chats with just one tap, we aim to help online sellers increase productivity by providing keyboard shortcuts for products and transaction lists.
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Rangkai – Layar Digital Berbayar (Paid Digital Screen)
Tech based entertainment company. Easy as Disney Hotstar, convenient as Netflix, complete as IMDb.
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Sistrack – Track, analyze and improve company vehicles operations
Fleet & Tracking management to track, analyze, and improve company vehicles operation and maintenances
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Survego – Tokopedia for research
Survego is a labor marketplace for research that allow user to fully manage their project.
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Survein – Giving our community a voice
Survein is visioned to be the platform for anyone who wants to get a voice from their communities.
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Talent Growth – Close the skill gap through free virtual work experience.
A platform to enable employers to train and hire career-fit graduates by integrating virtual on-the-job learning and personalized assessments.
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TokoIG – Transforms your Instagram feed into a complete website instantly
Say goodbye to hassle, do commerce instantly. TokoIG is a social commerce platform that empowers SMEs to go digital in an easy way.
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Wilov – Simplified healthcare app for women
We are building holistic, judgement-free, & scientific healthcare while enabling 40M Indonesian women to digital women’s health care, starting with a period tracking app.
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