10 Finalists of Indonesia Next App 2.0

Amir Karimuddin - 17 September 2015

The best app search held by Samsung, in partnership with Telkomsel and DailySocial, Indonesia Next App 2.0 is entering the next phase. After previously extending the due date of submission, the panel of judges finally complete the judgement phase to announce ten best apps.

Below are the finalists who will pitch on this coming September 29, 2015:


This app provides data and statistics of a house’s electricity consumption. It tells users which electronic devices consume electricity the most. Not only facilitating users to control and oversee the consumption, the app also provides insight in form of big data which users may use to manage their consumption behavior.


Vasty is a treatment and monitoring tool which takes form of a vase which is equipped with sensors of soil moisture, air temperature, light intensity and watering hose in the inner side of it. Users may use it to monitor their plants remotely from distant places via internet.


Its developers are confident that this app will optimize users’ vacation by offering location-based integrated smartphone technology. Its machine-learning technology is built on near-realtime predictive analysis which pairs business supply with visitors’ demand and social pattern, which in result will ensure their satisfaction.


Goers is an app that facilitates users to find hype events and activities in Jakarta as well as book a spot there online. Goers provides information on events that can be customized and ticket reservation service which accommodates every single event category like Art&Culture, Philantropy, Exhibition, Fashion, Food&Drink, Family, Music, Nightlife, Seminar, Shopping, Sport, and Movie.


HomeX is a smart home platform which focuses on turning your own home into a smart home with non-intrusive implementation. HomeX consists of one smart device, one smart hub, and one cloud. The app is claimed to focus on non-intrusive implementation, use daily existing households, and be an independent smart device.


Kakatu is a Parental Control app that may hinder kids from improper content (Pornography, Violence, Cyberbullying, etc) and addiction to gadget. Kakatu may provide a Usage Recommendation for parents to control their kids’ gadget consumption, as well as monitor their activities. This app was also one of last year’s INA finalists.


The developer team help people, especially farmers, to sell every five kilograms of their crops.


Modegi designs a smartphone product that may be controlled via an Android and web-based app. Interestingly, Modegi could interact with other electronic devices users have at their home.

Nuta POS

Nuta POS is an instant cashier software that runs on Android tablet. Nuta’s vision is to replace conventional cashier machine. The developer team attempt to keep users’ habit of giving a physical receipt to buyers by designing a friendly UI for the software. In short, Nuta POS moves the physical receipt into the app.


Waruga is an app for the Heads of Village to manage their people’s data using SMS broadcast, people’s dues, cash, Guest Book, Complex Plan, and many others. The app is designed using Hybrid Web Apps to make it compatible with any platform.

Unlike last year where only seven apps made it to the final round, this year Indonesia Next App 2.0 passes ten apps to the pitching phase, which will be held on this coming September 29, 2015.

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