AdaKerja Connects SMEs and Corporates with Blue Collars Talents

Already secured seed funding from Beenext in its debut

Another job marketplace platform intends to accommodate blue collar job opportunities is introduced to the public. It is AdaKerja, with a mission to simplify the process of recruiting workers efficiently through technology.

As a general note, blue-collar workers are needed in every business, from SMEs to corporations. For example, security workers, cleaners, couriers, salespeople, and others.

AdaKerja was founded in 2019 by Ashwin Tiwari. In its operations, they have received seed funding from Beenext, which also invested seeds to startups such as Amartha, Dekoruma, and Tokopedia.

"With an average UMR in the Jakarta area of ​​3 million Rupiah, it indicates that the majority of workers are the skilled labor or the blue collar sector, but there is no medium that connects companies or employers directly with skilled workers. We expect AdaKerja will be able to provide convenience access for SMEs and companies in recruiting these workers," Tiwari said.

Facilitate talents to create CV

The AdaKerja service also features a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot to make it easier for workers to create profiles and CVs. This approach is deemed easier than users having to compile their own CV documents manually. After all, CV becomes one important component to "market" the skills of these workers.

"To date, there are more than 300 thousand skilled workers registered with AdaKerja, and there are 7 thousand job openings from various companies offered. We see changes taking place. Most companies that have used AdaKerja for recruitment purposes are SMEs which are merchants from the online platforms, such as Tokopedia and GoFood," he added.

More players to come

There are several startups in the HR-tech sector targeting blue-collar workers in Indonesia. One of those is Job2GO, they just announced seed investment from the angel investor network BANSEA last week. Similar to AdaKerja, the list of available jobs are for gig workers, options varied, such as salesforce, merchandising, salespeople, marketing staff, administration, and others.

Job2GO's Founder & CEO, Kurniawan Santoso told DailySocial that the Job2GO application has reached 15 thousand users, with 500 companies offering various vacancies.

Another player in the same field is Heikaku, offering similar job options but focusing on facilitating SME businesses. Based on the data shared, the most open vacancies are admin, sales, drafter, telemarketing, marketing, salespeople, and others. Around 87% of applicants are high school/vocational high school graduates. In addition, there are several other players operating in Indonesia, such as Kromo and Workmate.

Previously, vacancies for blue-collar workers were widely distributed manually - for example with leaflets in public places, job postings at POS offices, or in the form of digital posters on social media. Actually, there are already existing job marketplace services, such as Jobstreet, which accommodates job vacancy publications. The thing is, with a special platform, in addition to making it easier for prospective workers, it also makes employers have a more orderly system through the partner dashboard provided.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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