Adskom Opens Silicon Valley Office

Hesti Pratiwi - 1 December 2014

Adskom, a Supply Side Platform (SSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) digital advertising platform, has just opened an office in Palo Alto, the U.S. The office will function as the company’s main laboratory where technology development, algorithm formula creation, and technical architecture establishment take place. Along with the announcement, David Lu, former Yahoo’s senior engineer, got appointed as Adskom’s Managing Director for the U.S.

The opening of a new office in the U.S is apparently supported by a number of funding the company has sealed. Just a couple of months ago, Adskom closed a SGD 1.06 mill (around USD 850 thousand) funding from Digital Garage, East Ventures, Beenos Plaza, and Skystar Capital. Months earlier, it also sealed a seed funding from Rebright Partners. Those two main sources have surely provided Adskom the capital it needs to establish a new office in Palo Alto, the heart of world’s digital technology ecosystem.

Italo Gani, Adskom’s CEO, revealed that the opening is intended to strengthen Adskom’s capability in developing world class digital architecture and advanced yet applicative algorithm formulas.

“Both aspects play a fundamental role in optimizing our capability of managing Big Data, which is the main fuel of our digital advertising platform. We’re one of only a few Southeast Asian companies that can open an office in the U.S, especially at the Silicon Valley,” Gani proudly claimed.

David Lu will supervise a number of Silicon Valley’s professional digital advertising experts. Lu, who has had 17 years of experience in Yahoo as data architect and engineering manager, is expected to make sure that the transfer of knowledge from the experts to Adskom’s team in Indonesia runs smoothly and effectively.

“We are beyond proud to include David and his team in the U.S as a part of Adskom. I’m pretty sure that their experience and excellent competence in Big Data management and large scale software architecture development will give enormous benefit to Adskom’s growth,” Gani continued.

Lu himself believes that Adskom has what it takes to realize the potential of digital advertising industry in Southeast Asia. He also looks Adskom’s approach as a challenge for him and his team to prove their worth by providing their best competence and capability in Big Data management.

“Our presence in the heart of world’s technology community, Silicon Valley, is a plus point since it allows us to get exposed to world’s latest and most advanced technology, particularly in data mining technique. That’s what makes us much better and ready to answer every challenge as well as build a strong collaboration with our team in Southeast Asia in developing the foremost DMP and SSP platform,” Lu stated in his release.

Adskom, which was established in April 2013, provides ad-buyers or advertisers a service to allow them reaching the segment more efficiently, as well as helps publishers collecting more money.

The company has partnered with a number of prominent publishers in Indonesia, such as Kompas Cyber Media Kapanlagi, Detik, Okezone, Liputan6, and many more. It has also collaborated with almost 50 Demand Side Platform (DSP) which are highly active in the region, like DoubleClick Bid Manager, Criteo, The Trade Desk, Dataxu, and so on. A couple of brands also used Adskom’s services for their campaign.

Currently, Adskom handles more less 500 million impression in a month through its SSP, and is expected to deal with one billion impression per month in 2015. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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