Daniel Armanto (former Ice House, founder Koprol) and serial entrepreneur Italo Gani today introduces Adskom, a new hybrid of online advertising platform aims to disrupt the media industry, starting from Indonesia. Backed by Japanese venture capital Rebright Partners, Adskom is planning to provide internet consumers with relevant ads using their own-made platform.

Adskom is built based on the challenges of today’s problems in digital advertising, where most publishers have problems in managing inventory, gaining meaningful insight from data analytics, and increasing their revenue. Adskom also tries to solve the problem where advertisers have problems in managing budget and increasing ROI from their campaigns.

“The goal of programmatic advertising is to use technology to automate the buying and selling of ads. This will help Ad-buyers to reach their audience through media more efficiently and effectively and help the publishers to increase revenue” said Italo Gani via press release sent to DailySocial. Programmatic advertising is basically an automation system that helps publishers aggregate several ad networks and become a dashboard where publishers can compare and monitor the performance of each ad network.

“We heard about the promise of better targeting and higher engagement, as well as comprehensive tracking and intuitive adaptability, especially in digital media advertising. Yet we haven’t really seen the promise delivered in Southeast Asia. We at Adskom believe that we should start delivering on that promise” said Armanto.

The rockstar pair will soon launch the product and also aims for regional expansion which will be done using their legal entity in Singapore. The company also has an Indonesian legal entity but the couple made it very clear that they’re aiming for regional expansion and it’s not impossible that the product may go even bigger, a global market.

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