After Being Acquired, Quipper Will Keep Focusing on Developing Its Market in Indonesia

Randi Eka - 14 July 2015

Recruit Holdings has officially brought global education startup Quipper into its business circle. Being the ninth education portal to get acquired, the deal involved no less than $39 million, or equal to Rp 507 billion, of sum. After the acquisition, Quipper’s CEO Masayuki Watanabe claimed that the startup’s structural formation hasn’t changed a bit. However, a number of Recruit Holdings’ staff indeed join the team to help accelerating Quipper’s business.

There are three main reasons why Quipper will follow the acquisition’s path, said Quipper Indonesia’s Takuya Homma. First is that there are potential and synergy to add more power to Quipper’s business, especially considering that Recruit Holdings possesses vast advantage in education technology. Second is the fact that both companies’ visions can be synergyzed. Recruit Holdings plan on bringing tech-based education solution all around the world, while Quipper aims on becoming a prominent player in knowledge sharing. Meanwhile, the third reason is that the opportunity to do a global business acceleration.

“We’ll keep focusing on implementing the development and strategy we’ve done so far. Added with the immense business asset that Recruit Holdings hold, Quipper is confident that we may provide better service/content, to please more users all over the world,” Homma stated.

In Indonesia, Quipper has yet planned on doing a business focus spin-off, as the team still look to add more fame to their pocket. Content will be a more intended focus, as it must adjust itself with the unsettled curriculum in Indonesia. During this holiday season, Quipper Indonesia’s currently preparing a solid strategy for the new school year.

“Although we’re in a holiday season right now, we’re waiting for an even better and more accelerated growth in the next school year. As our experience in other countries like The Philippines has taught us, Quipper experiences better growth in its second year of operation. We’re optimistic that we can have such experience here in Indonesia,” Homma continued. “Our main expectation with Quipper is that hopefully it can provide the best education to as many global students as possible, riding on the massive penetration of technology occurring among students nowadays.”

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