For those who not in the know, local simulation game Tahu Bulat (round tofu), which is inspired by a real tahu bulat food truck in Indonesia, was among the top five best games on Google Play in 2016 alongside big names like Pokemon Go and Clash Royale.

The game’s creator, Bandung-based Own Games Indonesia, has recently introduced a new game, which also revolves around Indonesian food, named Nasi Goreng (fried rice) The Game.

Similar to Tahu Bulat, Nasi Goreng is also a crafting game, in which players are invited to gather and combine food materials to create dishes for their restaurant.

Released in beta version, the interface of the game is similar to Harvest Moon’s cooking feature. There will be four material slots and one utensil slot in each cooking process. Users can combine materials to create seasonings, then use them to make different types of fried rice.

Food materials can be obtained through a mystery box, which will generate random food materials in accordance to a certain percentage of gameplay. There will also be rare mystery boxes that will generate unique food materials.

There are two forms of currency in the game, tickets and money, which can be used to purchase mystery boxes or expand and decorate the restaurant.

Interested testers can download the beta version of the game, which takes up less than 9 MB of storage, via Google Play. However, as it is still in beta, there might still be bugs and imperfect features in this version. Users can help the game developer by reporting the bugs or giving suggestions through the game’s Facebook fan page.

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