After the Positive Trend, Shopee Managed to Outrun Tokopedia’s Active Users in Indonesia

It's also the leading player in this region

Bintoro Agung - 9 December 2019

Shopee’s wild growth in the local and regional e-commerce competition map is still ongoing. One of the indicators displayed at the iPrice report for the Q3 2019 that shows Shopee’s monthly active user (MAU) has outrun Tokopedia’s number.

The map of Southeast Asia’s e-commerce of Q3 2019 published by iPrice with App Annie and SimilarWeb examines the latest trend of the e-commerce industry in six Southeast Asia’s countries, namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

The report highlighted some main issues. First, Shopee and Lazada still compete for the #1 platform in Southeast Asia. Next, local players are still top of mind in Indonesia. Then, Shopee’s big energy has resulted in taking Tokopedia’s throne in Indonesia in terms of the monthly active user (MAU).

Shopee vs Tokopedia

An epic battle of Shopee and Tokopedia as the number one e-commerce platform in Indonesia is clearly visible in the recent periods. However, Shopee managed this time to outrun Tokopedia’s monthly active users for a mobile app. This is a first for Shopee because Tokopedia has won the matrix in the last two quarters.

The report revealed some programs, such as cashback, free delivery, brand ambassador, and special date discount for the last three months has proven Shopee’s market acquisition strategy works well.

Tokopedia, not only outrun by Shopee but also Lazada comes first for the most downloaded application. However, Tokopedia still listed on top of the most accessed app on mobile web or desktop.

Powerful in regional

Shopee’s positive trend in Indonesia runs identically in the regional market. The only thing blocking Shopee is its closest rival, Lazada.

The iPrice report stated Shopee as the leading platform in two countries, Indonesia and Vietnam, while Lazada is stronger in four other countries. Even so, iPrice found out Shopee’s regional MAU number is bigger than Lazada. This is not surprising since Indonesia and Vietnam are projected as the biggest e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.

Local player stays the sweetheart

Shopee’s fast move might be unstoppable as number one in Indonesia, but local consumers still prefer local e-commerce.

Based on the website traffic, iPrice noted 61% of Indonesia’s e-commerce market is still for local players, with the leading platforms, such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

Specifically to Bukalapak, the disappearance of its application in Google Play some times ago is merely has an impact. The iPrice report found Bukalapak is still in the third position in the MAU category and the most accessed application.

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