After Twenty Years of Operation, Dell Indonesia Finally Got Incorporated

Adjie Priambada - 2 July 2015

Dell Indonesia finally announced that they’ve registered themselves as PT. Dell Indonesia last Tuesday (30/6). This transformation is expected to create a better operational basis in order to facilitate the company’s activities in supporting its business growth in Indonesia. This year, Dell will release new products, invest for the company’s growth (including adding more employees), and partner with the government to highlight its commitment in Indonesian market.

Dell Indonesia’s Managing Director Catherine Lian stated, “Dell has been operating in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Various solutions we launched today (30/6) are a token of the company’s commitment to always focus on customers’ needs. [...] By the establishment of PT. Dell Indonesia, we’ve presented our local entity in Indonesia, thus enabling us to be faster in presenting our products in the market.”

On the same day, Dell also announced some new products.

One of the reasons behind Dell’s decision to establish a local entity in Indonesia is that it perceives the country as one of its most important markets with huge market potential. According to Lian, it’s important for Dell as a global brand to present a local entity in its significant market like Indonesia. This can be influential to all of Dell’s business lines in Indonesia, especially its segments like Enterprise, Software, and Consumer.

“By having an incorporated company, we can self-import and the vendor will be PT. Dell Indonesia. We can give back to the economy in Indonesia, through our human resource, IT infrastructure, and import purchase in Rupiah,” added Lian.

She also stated that prior preparing for Dell’s transformation, the team had done their observation for two years. After twenty years of operation, Dell has grown and had more than 100 employees in Indonesia.

“We’re still sure with the potential of this market (Indonesia), this can be seen from the consistently growing use of internet in Indonesia. This year, there will be a lot of activations done by Dell, including events and new product release, investment in our growth including the employees, and partner with the government,” Lian ended.

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