Aiming to Become a “One Stop Online Merchandise Shop”, Tees Indonesia Holds Product Diversification

Hesti Pratiwi - 13 October 2014

It is a common rule for entrepreneurs to try to accommodate the demands of their customers, users, or clients in order to win the market. This is what Tees Indonesia does, and one of the results of doing so is the enhancement of its products. Yes, Tees Indonesia has made a diversification of its products as one of its focus.

After starting off as t-shirt designer, Tees now offers various fashion products categories, e.g children clothes, hoodie, raglan shirt, and varsity jacket. In addition, the company also sells accessories, such as smartphone case, tote bag, mug, sport bottle, print canvas, notebook, and postcard.

“We keep a close eye on every single input at, social media, and accommodate those which match our company’s direction,” Aria Rajasa, Tees Indonesia’s Co-Founder, stated. He added that the decision to keep adding new products roots from demands of the market.

Rajasa further mentioned that the direction of Tees itself is to become a one stop merchandise shop. “We plan to add three more products to our quarterly basis. Notebook is one of the most popular products in social media, and we’re very excited to launch it,” he added.

Currently, Tees can serve around 200 orders in a day. Rajasa stated that Tees is currently focusing on the enhancement of its design quality and quantity. “We receive more than 1000 designs from 200 creators on a daily basis. This increase came particularly after we introduced the Live Editor feature,” he claimed.

The Live Editor feature lets everyone to create their own design live and easily without having to worry about their lack of designing skills.

The traffic that Tees has also gets increased simultaneously, reaching 134 percent from last month. “The duration per session also goes up to 8:37 minutes. Currently, we have collected almost 60 thousands design which came from 15 thousands creators all over Indonesia. It’s amazing seeing Tees grows so fast. Especially after we had just celebrated our second anniversary last August 10,” Rajasa said.

As for the products sold, Rajasa confirmed that t-shirt is still people’s most favorite, but casing shows a promising potential. “Especially for iPhone and Xiaomi. Xiaomi is placed second only in a month,” he explained.

A couple of months ago, Tees got accessed through mobile devices 40 percent more often than ever. However, learning that the Live Editor feature can only be accessed through web/desktop at the moment, the traffic went back to 20 percent. “We focus our marketing on desktop because we have yet supported mobile devices. It makes our traffic decreased to 20 percent, and the total purchase through mobile devices remained at 5 percent,” Rajasa stated. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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