Alipay Approaches BRI and BCA to Handle Chinese Tourist in Indonesia

The payment service implementation process is yet to decide

Marsya Nabila - 9 January 2019

After WeChat, Alipay is getting its business ready for Indonesia by approaching BRI and BCA. The pilot project is yet to be announced.

Quoted from Detik, Alipay has just signed the MoU with BRI. After that, there'll be homework, including license.

BRI can be a facilitator for tourist to make easier transaction as the acquirer. They can use Alipay at some merchants partnered with BRI.

However, they haven't calculate potential income for the company in the MoU. Therefore, the internals are preparing another IT system because the one used by Alipay is different with Visa and Mastercard.

"In addition to GPN (National Payment Gateway), something will be added related to the payment from China," he said.

Aside from BRI, BCA is also rumored to be approached by Alipay, but it is yet to discuss MoU. Santoso, BCA's Director said to DailySocial they currently in the exploratory process of how long BCA's acquiring system can collaborate with Alipay.

"In terms for collaboration, system development is indeed necessary, to be able to connect with one another," he explained.

Still, he didn't have a definite answer regarding the finalization because it's still on progress.

"We'll see, it's to be announced in time."

Previously, Bank Indonesia said the China-based digital wallet, Alipay and WeChat Pay is getting serious in digging Indonesia's market by approaching national bank. In fact, WeChat development is getting better in Indonesia because they already passed the transaction test with BNI in Bali at IMF 2018 event.

Sugeng, Deputy Governor BI said, besides Bali, WeChat is now available for Chinese tourists in Medan, North Sumatra. Both locations are chosen due to the most favorite destination for Chinese tourists.

"CIMB Niaga is said to have signed the partnership with WeChat," he added.

Sugeng also said if the business to business partnership has approved by both China's digital wallet with four national bank, the legal business from BI will follow.

"If everything is settled [partnership], we'll review business legal and technical problem, and business process. Bank in 4th category will register ask for license to BI."

Partnership between two will be made according to the current regulation, it is PBI (BI Regulation) Number 20/6/PBI/2018 of E-Money Organizer.

Stated in the regulation that transaction from Chinese tourists in Indonesia will be converted into rupiah. Also, transactions will be recorded in GPN system.

The amount of Chinese tourists

Alipay and WeChat aggressive movement to enter Indonesia is due to the high rate of Chinese tourist in this country. Quoted from BPS data, Chinese tourists is in the fourth position of the total cumulative, 14.39 million by November 2018, or increased by 11.63%.

As per November 2018, the number of Chinese tourist has reached 124,616 people, decrease from the same period in previous year of 148,306. The first position is taken by Malaysian tourist of 186,422, followed by Singaporean (153,988), and Timor Leste (142,050).

Bali is the favorite destination, especially for Chinese and Australian people with 3-day visit in average.

Based on BPS data, a total tourist during January to November 2018 is 5.57 million. Sort by nationality of tourists in Bali, Tiongkok (22.99%), Australia (19.16%), England (4.51), and Japan (4.29%).

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