Ana Sopia Is NetApp Indonesia’s Country Manager

Adjie Priambada - 14 July 2015

Couple of times ago, management solution and data provider NetApp officially appointed Ana Sopia as the New Country Manager for Indonesia, replacing Steven Law who resigned back in March 2015. As the new Country Manager, Sophia will be responsible to lead, supervise, and build NetApp’s business.

Prior holding the highest rank at NetApp Indonesia, Sopia worked as the company’s Channel Sales Manager. Her career at NetApp Indonesia was started seven years ago, back in 2008. Within those years of excellence, Sophia got selected as part of NetApp Sales Club and NetApp Top Achiever for two times in a row.

According to the release we received, Sopia claimed that data is a significant part of major growth and development in Indonesia. She was confident with NetApp’s comprehensive portfolio on data management solution, saying that the company will lead the customers to their success.

This Bina Nusantara University graduates will be directly responsible for every single operational activity to NetApp’s Managing Director for Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand (MIT) Weera Areeratanasak.

As the new Managing Director for MIT, Areeratanasak will be responsible to lead the enterprise and commercial team in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. He will also strengthen the relationship with Country Managers in the area so that NetApp’s stronger presence in the regional market can be preserved.

Commeting on the appointment of Sopia, Areeratanasak stated, “Sophia has been an integral part to our team since NetApp’s early times in Indonesia. With her broad knowledge and experience, I believe that she will be able to work effectively with our customers all over Indonesia as well as assist them to their further glory.”

Besides appointing new Country Manager, NetApp Indonesia also set new area division. Previously, NetApp Indonesia is in the same group as The Philippines. Now, Indonesia is grouped with Malaysia and Thailand.

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