App-Based "Ojek" Services Contribute Positively to National Economy

Randi Eka - 6 October 2015

According to the data by BPS DKI Jakarta, the number of poverty decreased as many as 13.870 lives per September 2015. Inetrestingly, informal sector contributes hugely to that trend, and app-based ojek services play a huge role, according to BPS DKI Jakarta’s Head Nyoto Widodo. Lately, the people of Jakarta, especially lower to middle class, indeed are presented with new promising flexible job opportunities, which is to be an app-based ojek driver, be it by affiliating with Go-Jek or GrabBike.

The demand for such service really is high, as it offers simplicity to the vast growing busy society. The companies’ step of providing people with efficient and flexible jobs indeed indicates that Indonesia is heading towards the right business acceleration, as well as contributing to global economic growth. Thus, the influence of USD to IDR isn’t that strong in this type of business.

Regulating is not combating

Widodo further explained that if formal sector contributes more, then it will have more impact to districts. The BPS’ data is a small indication that the openness towards new (digital-based) solutions is essential.

It’s true that balance is important to keep the order maintained. However, adaptation to new things would actually give positive impacts to the people.

Well, there will always be pros and cons for everything. Even within the government (Department of Transportation) itself, there are debates over how to regulate app-based transportation services, which, many believe, to be combating rather than putting them in order.

Question is, why do the authorities refuse to learn about how digital solutions are implemented in working informal sector? Maybe it’s caused by their fear that the people would have difficulties in catching up with them. At least these app-based ojek services indicate that the people of Indonesia are ready for new digital-based solutions.


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