Asia Pacific Becomes an Important Market for Google Play’s App Ecosystem

Points to the AppAnnie report issued welcoming Google Play 10 years anniversary

Prayogo Ryza - 3 January 2019

Google Play becomes one of the largest app markets in the world, thanks to the increasing popularity of Android platform in the last five years. The data analysis company, AppAnnie issued a special report welcoming Google Play’s 10 years anniversary. It says, Asia Pacific currently plays and important role in the app ecosystem development.

Looking at Google Play’s download and consumer spend growth from 2012, AppAnnie records a significant improvement, the highest in 2015 and 2017. It’s nearly doubled up. At the end of 2018, Google Play’s consumer spend is predicted to increase by $27 billion, consistently increased by year.

Asia Pacific is the most important region of this increase. Since 2015, they’ve contributed 51% of Google’s total consumer spend. In 2017, the Asia Pacific has injected more than $11 billion of Google Play’s $22 billion revenue, in comparison with $10.1 billion of game category and $0.9 billion app category.

In terms of download, during its operation, India, US, and Brazil are the top three with 6 billion, 55.1 billion, and 25.2 billion downloads. Indonesia is in the fifth rank with 14.6 billion total download.


Asia Pacific acts as a developer

Asia Pacific, besides being the biggest regional contributor for download and consumer spend, also included in the list of most used app developers. It’s like Puzzle & Dragon (Gungo Online Entertainment) and Monster Strike (mixi) from Japan as the current highest consumer spend game.

In the list of top ten, there are some games, such as Fate / Grand Order (Sony/Japan), Lineage M (NCSOFT / South Korea), Lineage 2 Revolution (Netmarble/South Korea), and Clash of Kings (Elex Technology/China).

It applies to the app category with the highest consumer spend. On the list of top 10 apps, 6 are from Asia Pacific. Those are LINE (Japan), LINE Manga (Japan), KakaoTalk (South Korea), LINE PLAY (Japan), BIGO LIVE (Singapore), and Pokecolo (Japan).

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