AWS Academy and ITSB Host a Cloud Computing Training in BSD City

Begin with an online learning starting at the fourth quartal 2020

Ilham Sanjaya - 15 September 2020

Bandung Institute of Science Technology (ITSB) has announced to participate in the AWS Academy, a cloud computing learning program held by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday (25/8). With a vision as an Eco-Industry Oriented University, ITSB has an objective to deliver graduates who can fulfill the industrial community demand in the era of digital globalization, one of which is through this cloud computing training.

Such training is considered capable to help Indonesia to prepare superior human resources (HR) for the 4.0. Industrial Revolution. This is not only to deliver new technological innovations in various fields but also to encourage many companies to perform the digital transformation in order to survive and continue to develop. The Ministry of Communication & Informatics (Kemkominfo) predicts that Indonesia will need 9 million digital talents by 2030. It is one of the reasons ITSB takes the opportunity to collaborate with AWS Academy to answer the industry’s needs for cloud computing technology.

Providing online and offline learning system

The cloud computing training is to begin in the 4th quarter of 2020 using an online learning system. Meanwhile, offline face-to-face learning is planned to start in early 2021 at one of the ITSB locations at Digital Hub BSD City. Apart from ITSB and AWS, this learning program is also managed by Enigma Camp, a company engaged in the IT bootcamp and IT talent management, with experience in providing Talent as a Service, Training as a Service, and Job Connector Service programs.

“Today industry needs a lot of IT workers with cloud expertise, therefore we are proud to join ITSB helping its students, other university students, and the public in further study on this field. With AWS Academy, students will be equipped with the practical skills needed by the time they start a career in cloud computing,” AWS Academy Global Team Lead, Scott McKinley said.

The AWS Academy curriculum is developed and managed specifically by experts from AWS to keep up with the latest demand presented in the community. The study will later be provided by experts from ITSB who have been accredited by AWS, therefore, they can help students to be able to operate AWS technology. Through this cloud computing training, trainees can take classes and get certification from ITSB and AWS Academy to prepare them for the fast-growing cloud computing industry.

“By using the curriculum developed by AWS Academy, we will add cloud computing material to the educational curriculum of ITSB students and other participants to prepare them to become a cloud-competent workforce. Learning materials from AWS Academy include AWS Academy Cloud Foundations, AWS Academy Cloud Architecting, AWS Academy Cloud Developing, and AWS Academy Machine Learning Foundations. Each packet will take a span of 20-40 hours. All classes, practices, and work projects are handled directly by teachers who have certification from the AWS Academy,” ITSB Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ari Darmawan Pasek, MSc said.

Presenting Added value for the development of the integrated smart city in BSD City

The presence of AWS Academy in BSD City is considered to provide added value to the development of an integrated smart city developed by Sinar Mas Land in BSD City. “We realize that Amazon’s development in Southeast Asia is in line with the demand of our country, from the availability of labor to the demand for more sophisticated technology. Therefore, Sinar Mas Land provides all the facilities for this development in BSD City, which is now transforming into the first integrated smart digital city. The existence of Amazon through AWS Academy will certainly enrich our digital ecosystem while providing added value to AWS Academy participants. Digital Hub, BSD City, will support AWS Academy with the various facilities and required infrastructure,” Project Leader of Sinar Mas Land Digital Hub, Irawan Harahap said.

Currently, Sinar Mas Land has started the transformation of its largest independent city, BSD City, into the first integrated smart city. Sinar Mas Land is also developing a Digital Hub in the BSD City area. Digital Hub is an area of ​​26 hectares dedicated to startups, communities, educational institutions, and multinational companies focused on the digital and technology industry. Along with its development, the Digital Hub is home for innovation development center to several global companies and today welcome the AWS Academy.

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