ENGLISH Secures Follow-on Funding Led by East Ventures

Some other investors are participated in this round, such as DIVA, SMDV, and Plug and Play Indonesia

Marsya Nabila - 1 July 2020, a startup developer of the NLP / NLU platform for the Indonesian language, announced continued funding with a nominal, led by its previous investor, East Ventures. This round was attended by new investors, such as DIVA, SMDV, and Plug and Play Indonesia.

Previously, received seed funding from East Ventures with undisclosed value in August 2018.’s Co-Founder & CEO, Hokiman Kurniawan cannot reveal any further details related to this round while in contact with DailySocial.

“This round is after the seed funding and we don’t put a series. The entrance [of new investors] has started from the beginning of the year,” he said, Wednesday (1/7).

DIVA, as a publicly listed company, in its official statement wrote the’s investment was launched in April 2020 through a subsidiary company. The investment aims to strengthen one of its products, DIVA Intelligent Instant Messaging to provide a 360-degree experience to consumers, especially those who are less tech-savvy.

The entrance of, indeed, broadens user’s target segment. DIVA alone focuses on the SME segment, while supports e-commerce players, banking, and the modern retail segment.

The company’s business transformation has changed, from B2B2C to B2C, allowing access to user engagement and facilitating access to relevant products and services with faster and more accurate responses.

“ has a healthy business model and a strong track record in supporting large companies and leading e-commerce players in empowering their business in digital technology, especially in the area of ​​chatbot and AI technology,” the company wrote.

The Company hopes that by connecting the company with the DIVA Group, can enter the larger ecosystem, both commercially and financially. Several companies have used the company’s service, including Dana, Tokopedia, Sinarmas Bank, Bussan Auto Finance, and Panorama JTB. applies a neutral network algorithm that is unique to Indonesian, allowing the chatbot platform to interact with consumers in a natural way. Like talking with a personal assistant or friend.

Typographical errors, informal phrases, and Indonesian slang can be detected and predicted by because memorizes and predicts repeated behavior or frequent transactions. offers appropriate and relevant advice for its users. Also, another capability as an advantage, the “push notification” feature that offers relevant call-to-action, based on customer profiles and existing history.

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