BCA Introduces "OneKlik", New Payment Solution for E-Commerce

Blibli becomes OneKlik's launching partner

BCA introduces OneKlik, an online payment solution for e-comerce using BCA debit account as deposit source in a single click. It allows customer to use digital payment without manual transfer or confirmation. Payment status will be updated automatically. BCA invited Bibli as its launching partner.

"We want to make it easy [for customer], but safe. Blibli is for now [as partner], later there will be others," BCA's Director Santoso Liem said to DailySocial, Mon, (2/5).

Furthermore, Liem explained, to use OneKlik, customer is required to register their e-banking phone number in ATM and verify in e-commerce app. OneKlik is ready to be uses after registration is successful.

Unlike Klikpay that requires OTP verification, OneKlik has no other layer for payment confirmation. Transaction is one click away. Customers can choose daily transaction limit to avoid any missuse.

E-commerce service that implementing OneKlik will not be keeping information about debit card to ensure data safety. The encrypted token can only be converted by BCA.

Liem claims, this service is not meant to replace BCA's existing oayment variants, such as KlikPay, KlikBCA, or Sakuku.

"We have no plans to ditch the others. Let [give] customers [option to] decide."

Digital payment solutions has increasingly becoming popular among banking. Previously, BNI has launched Yap mobile app for shopping payment with three source options, credit card, debit card, or UniKQu e-money. The payment will be using QR code.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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