Biznet and IIJ Established Biznet GioCloud

Randi Eka - 27 May 2015

After the agreement between Biznet and Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) on the soon-to-be established joint venture was signed last September 2014, both parties finally inaugurated PT Biznet Gio Nusantara, the initiated joint venture, couple of days ago. As being agreed upon, PT Biznet Nusantara or Biznet GioCloud will focus on promoting the use of IIJ’s cloud service, both private and public cloud, as well as establishing a new internet service infrastructure for corporates in Indonesia.

Biznet GioCloud serves various services, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and Storage as a Device. In the near future, the company plans on expanding to Bali. The main objective of the expansion is to enable customers to have a Disaster Recovery system within the apps that will be installed in the service.

According to the agreement, both companies would invest more than USD 6 million, with 60 percent of the shares belong to Biznet while the rest 40 percent go to IIJ. The latter will focus on providing cloud technology, operational support, and any other cloud-related contribution. Meanwhile, Biznet will cover the marketing, daily operation, and other domestic business activities.

The vast growing penetration of cloud computing service in Indonesia seems to be the legit basis of the emergence of cloud-based business in Indonesia. The interesting part will be on the strategy that will be implemented by the joint venture, since the local industry is flooded with global cloud vendors, be it the ones who provide specific solution or general one.

The challenge would include the one related to consumer’s significant need of local-based data center. Although many still ignore it, the existing policy keeps on encouraging cloud users and data owners to do so.

Standardized technology alone is not enough to seize the opportunities within the market, thanks to the extremely strict competition. A proper approach is the key. For consumers, this is quite an advantage, not only because they get to have more various offers, but also because the value of investment can continuously be altered based on the competition.

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