Biznet Expands Business Coverage, Entering Health Sector Through “PrimaMedix”

One of the launched products is a mask to prevent Covid-19; distributed through online channels

Marsya Nabila - 12 August 2020

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) company, Biznet, has established its newest subsidiary, PrimaMedix, engaged in manufacturing specific products for the health industry. One of the launched products is a high-quality mask in which becomes a major necessity since the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is quite interesting information given the two companies are at odds with their industrial segmentation. PrimaMedix's President Director, Adi Kusma explained that public health is very important, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Therefore, the company wants to take part in the current situation, not only through internet services but also by providing one of the medical equipment which has now become a major necessity, such as masks.

"Therefore, PT Prima Medix Nusantara or PrimaMedix is ​​here to answer the people's need for quality masks, which have become a major need, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic several months ago," he explained, Tuesday (11/8).

PrimaMedix produces masks made in Clean Room Class ISO 8 to ensure the best quality and provide maximum protection from viruses and germs. This mask is made with the best materials and filtering technology.

There are two types of masks available to purchase, the 3-Ply Surgical Mask and the N95 Respiratory Mask, which certainly match the health requirements at affordable prices. Adi admitted that the PrimaMedix factory is capable of producing around 4 million masks per month and to be increased according to the demand.

These masks can be obtained through the website, e-commrece platforms, and offline channels such as hypermarkets, supermarkets and minimarkets.

The next step for PrimaMedix

Adi mentioned two PrimaMedix's head offices in Bali and Jakarta. However, the factory is located in Bali. He said they choose Bali because it offers a very good environment for the production process. In Bali, the team is assisted by individuals who are experts in their fields.

"Apart from that, Bali also has a strategic location that can make the distribution process run effectively and efficiently."

In the future, Adi creates opportunities to expand to other health products aside from masks. "We will review society's demand in the health industry in order to provide the best health solutions supported by the latest technology."

In terms of companies, he continued, Biznet solution will be related to the use of technology, such as internet services, data centers and cloud computing to support daily business and operational activities.

During the pandemic, Biznet received an increase in new applications for subscription by up to 40%. The increase was triggered by the public's call to do activities at home, therefore, a high-quality internet connection became a major requirement.

Currently, Biznet is available in more than 110 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Batam, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi with a total network length of more than 45 thousand kilometers. It is said that until now, Biznet continues to expand its network so that customers can enjoy the best internet service.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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