Blibli Partners with Pos Indonesia, Targeting Consumers in Rural Areas

Placing Blibli InStore kiosk in post office to facilitate customers

Marsya Nabila - 5 February 2018

Blibli is getting intensive for business in rural areas by partnering with Pos Indonesia. Blibli expects the strategic partners can provide access for unbankable society to start online transaction.

One of its realizations is putting the Blibli InStore kiosk in post office. Therefore, its customers can do direct transaction via the kiosk and pay with cash using Pospay. Delivery service will be using Pos Kilat Khusus (special service), with free return.

"We see the strong network of Pos Indonesia has reached tier two and tier three. This is a great prospect to expand Blibli's market, and help customers getting selected product online," Kusumo Martanto, Blibli's CEO, explained on Thu (2/1).

Pos Indonesia's President Director Gilarsi W. Setijono added to this partnership that it is company's breakthrough to keep up with e-commerce's rapid growth. For him, there are 3 elements needed to win the digital economy era, those are people, network, and technology.

Pos Indonesia has two out of those three, but the technology is up to its expectation. Therefore, the company seeks to take advantage of the technology provided by partners.

The partnership between Pos Indonesia and Blibli is expected to push people in rural areas includes post office's customer, employees, and other inhabitants to do online transaction.

"E-commerce presence in post office is expected to add new segment of customers, and increase our offering services," Setijono mentioned.

For starters, Blibli InStore kiosks are available in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Pandeglang, Rangkasbitung, Serang and Cilegon areas. The kiosk has reached 32 points in total. Furthermore, it will be available in Central and East Java areas.

"We'll focus and invest more in this. Online or offline is just the media, customer is our number one priority. We want them to be more connected with us."

Additional warehouse

In shortening delivery time, Martanto mentioned adding eight more warehouses this year. Blibli targets to have 15 warehouses scattered around Indonesia.

"By having many warehouses, we can work with many logistic companies. The point is that delivery will be faster, instead of centralized in Jakarta."

Blibli's website and mobile app, in total, have 40 to 50 million unique visitors per month. It is targeted to have increased five times by the end of this year.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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