Bobobox Mission to Revolutionize User Experience in Staying

A capsule hotel concept with technology efficiency

Yenny Yusra - 8 March 2020

The more affordable cost and comfortable offers have encouraged capsule hotel or pods to become an alternative for tourists. This concept used to be for urgent matters, but recently, there are new concepts of pods that offer tech features.

Not only through the OTA platform, but the tech-based capsule hotel also started to offer solutions with the direct-to-consumer concept. One of the players in this industry is the Bandung based smart accommodation startup, Bobobox.

Following the trend

Smartphone usage to access the service
Smartphone usage to access the service

Bobobox is a graduate from India’s Sequoia accelerator program, Surge, that facilitates users with pods and has its own app. The app can help consumers for door access, adjusting brightness, security feature, Bluetooth speaker, and air conditioner.

This concept is claimed to distinguish Bobobox with other similar services.

“The world is moving fast now. Long working hours and high mobility have become a way of life. More people travel than before. […] At the same time, solving the economically saturated hotel industry unit is not easy. Through modularity and space efficiency, Bobobox generates more revenue per square meter,” Bobobox’s CEO Indra Gunawan told DailySocial.

In order to enjoy all services, users are required to use applications available on Google Play and the App Store. In addition to providing a seamless user experience, Bobobox also wants to change the habits of users enjoying their stay.

“We are quite proud of the current uniqueness. Starting from modular and pre-fabricated [easy to assemble]. Two unique independent units, and integrated with exclusive technology (such as smart booking, payment, check in / out),” Gunawan added.

Expansion and technology implementation

Bobobox located in Semarang
Bobobox located in Semarang

Bobobox is currently available in 8 locations across Bandung, Jakarta, and Semarang. This year, they are targeting to add 8 other locations in Indonesia and to serve around 100,000 users. The company also intends to add an internal team to accelerate growth.

The company has obtained Pre Series A funding from Alpha JWC Ventures, Genesia Ventures, and three other investors and initial funding from several investors, including Sequoia Capital India (Surge), Agaeti Ventures, and Everhaus.

“By prioritizing seamless and efficient user experience, we can run a business without spending large costs. Bobobox was established to address guests’ needs for an affordable, comfortable and comfortable sleep experience and the economic unit of the property owner,” Gunawan said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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