Brainly’s Users in Asia are One-Fifth of Its Total Users Worldwide

Michael Erlangga - 6 February 2015

World’s biggest online learning platform, Brainly, gloriously gathered seven mill new users in Asia during 2014. After being reported to have 650 thousand users in Indonesia couple of months ago, now the number of their customers in the country is almost as much as in Russia and Poland.

Utilizing internet connection for positive activities becomes Brainly’s foundation in providing new opportunities for students to discuss. After expanding to Asian countries in 2014, the platform noted a significant growth in a year, with Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Thailand contributing to 20% of Brainly’s 40 million users worldwide.

Indonesia becomes the focus of Asian market, with Brainly Indonesia received around 12 thousand questions with 72% of them getting answered. The answers given have been validated by Brainly team, which has now consisted of 60 personnel, ranging from students, parents, and teachers.

Brainly India and the Philippines also showed positive trend as well. The total registered users in both countries reached 4,5 million and still counting, considering that mobile apps will soon be available in those countries.

All those successes lead Brainly to a new mission this year, which is to reduce the education quality gap between islands through Brainly’s giant classroom.

About Brainly’s latest funding, the company has planned to allocate the money to recruit new personnel, Julien Zakoian for CMO and Jason Green for CTO, to support its new office in New York, the U.S.

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