BSE Mahoni App Provides 1600 Electronic Textbooks Collection for Free

Hesti Pratiwi - 23 October 2014

PT. Mahoni Global, also well known as BSE Mahoni, has just launched its latest version of E-Book called BSE 3.0. This launching becomes another part of the company’s attempt to accommodate Indonesian education system. There are over 1600 electronic textbooks (eTextbooks) that can be freely downloaded.

This BSE 3.0 offers various upgraded features, including a collection of 1600 school subjects e-books released by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Those e-books can be downloaded by practically every single student, from elementary level to high school.  Mahoni claimed that during September 2014, 1,5 million downloads were made.

The launching was regarded to be in line with the starting of school year 2014/2015 last August. Given the fact that geographical issue is still Indonesian education system’s main challenge, and most of the printing companies are centralized in Java, Mahoni believes that digital books (e-book) is just the solution to make the better distribution of knowledge in Indonesia. To get the latest books, the ones based on 2013 curriculum for instance, students simply need to download them from provided servers.

“Mahoni has the most complete collection. We have the books based on 2013 curriculum which can be downloaded for free by anyone all over Indonesia, including people from the most rural areas and small islands,” Santoso Suratso, Mahoni’s Co-Founder, stated in his press release.

BSE 3.0 offers a new design as well as a collection of 1600 e-books to the users. “Besides allowing users to download from our website, as a local mobile developer Mahoni also creates a mobile app called ‘Buku BSE’, which functions to ease users to download, collect, and read the e-books,” Suratso added.

The “Buku BSE” app is compatible with three most popular operating systems, i.e iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1. The app lets kids to read valuable books which can help them growing instead of wasting their time browsing or playing games on their devices.

“If we assume that one book is priced at Rp 20 thousands, then the total download during last September worth Rp 3 billion. What a saving for Indonesia’s education scene,” Suratso further stated.

“ is extremely glad and proud to be able to help government distributing free school books to 50 million students and 3 million teachers all over Indonesia. We may now expect that this technology can help millions more to get free and complete books,” He added.

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