Bukalapak Introduces “BukaSend”, an Integrated Delivery Service for Sellers

Partners with some logistics providers; courier is to pick up the package from sender's address

Randi Eka - 8 August 2019

Bukalapak releases a new feature related to logistics. The service called “BukaSend”, made for sellers to make deliveries. The platform integrates several delivery options, makes it easier for users to make order and transaction in one place.

BukaSend offers some benefits available only for app-based users. First, a “pick-up service” that allows user (sellers) to make delivery without having to go to agents, the courier will pick up the items. Second is “live tracking”, the senders will be able to track items on delivery.

In addition, some expedition partners offer various promos. Some of the members are Grab Instant, GO-SED Instant, Paxel Same Day, SiCepat Best, SiCepat Reg, Ninja Reg, and J&T Express. Bukalapak also facilitates the payment through some previous options.

Currently, the items for delivery must not exceed 7kg. The feature only available for verified sellers

BukaSend is easy to use. Get into the app then choose the icon. Next, select the destination, item’s weight, courier, and receiver’s detail. After the payment confirmed, just wait for the courier to pick up and deliver the items.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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