Bukalapak Introduces The New Logo

It's to give more flexible figure with current vision to build technology-based economic system

Prayogo Ryza - 31 March 2020

Bukalapak is officially launched a new logo. The new logo introduced only three months after the reins of company leadership were transferred from the Co-Founder to a professional. With this new face, Bukalapak intends to benefit more people with the features and technologies in their ecosystem.

Bukalapak team told DailySocial that the rebranding initiative had long been prepared. At the age of 10, Bukalapak remains the same, trying to help raise the standard of living of its users in the whole ecosystem.

“In this case, we are transforming into a new force that will be ready to walk with our users, whatever the situation. We want to continue #BikinAsik initiative for our users, whatever their economic background, so they can continue to have better choices in living life in a fun way. Because we believe everyone has the same opportunity to get a better life for themselves and their families,” Bukalapak representative said.

New symbol, New journey

Last December, the company announced Rachmat Kaimuddin as the new CEO. Rachmat, who previously served as Bank Bukopin’s Director of Finance and Planning, is expected to continue Bukalapak’s journey, one of which is to strengthen the company’s role in supporting Indonesian SMEs.

Bukalapak said the new company’s logo contains 4 meanings: Excitement, Fun, Strength, and Bukalapak. The meaning of the new Bukalapak logo illustrates that Bukalapak is ready to become a platform with answers to all the needs of its users to get or sell goods.

In Indonesia, Bukalapak is still one of the popular e-commerce platforms, both in terms of visits and variations in features. One of the leading service on Bukalapak is Mitra Bukalapak.

Based on the company’s data, there are around 3.3 million small shops throughout Indonesia were involved in the Bukalapak ecosystem. Mitra Bukalapak is an application specifically developed to transform stalls, not only as a means of selling digital products but also helps small shops manage their business.

“Our mission is Fair Economy for All. We have a vision of a technology-based economic system where all people from different classes or ages have the choice and opportunity to get something more out of life,” Bukalapak team said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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