BuzzCity: Mobile Ads are Growing, Indonesia is Still #2 in The World

BuzzCity: Mobile Ads are Growing, Indonesia is Still #2 in The World

BuzzCity: Mobile Ads are Growing, Indonesia is Still #2 in The World
BuzzCity: Mobile Ads are Growing, Indonesia is Still #2 in The World

BuzzCity release impression data on mobile commercial in the second quarter of 2011. In total, there’s a 30% increase from the last quarter. In BuzzcCity report, the summary from 1st quarter on trends and tendency from mobile commercial shopping, shown more commercial (53 billion commercial) aired through BuzzCity connection in the first six month of 2011, compared to the rest of 2010 commercial (52 billion commercial).

The latest report from BuzzCity gave a prediction on industries as a whole including the latest Gartner prediction on mobile commercial income around the world, it’s increased two times fold in 2011, growing to $3.3 billion from $1.6 billion that produced in 2010.

BuzzCity CEO, Dr KF Lai, from his press conference explains, “Mobile commercial is no longer dominated by a few markets. More than 50 countries aired 100 million commercials per quarter is no longer an amazing things, but it’s an indication from in depth and maturity from the whole mobile ecosystem. Internet mobile commercial now seen as a power for marketers to spread messages, build brand and their selling – medium for a media that we can’t put aside.

For Indonesia alone, the impression gained by BuzzCity is the world’s second largest, after India, with a total impression of 3.76 billion and the average CPC of $0.04. Nevertheless, there is a downward trend during the recording period from April to June 2011. Indonesia is one of four countries that have advertising impressions in total more than 1 billion in one quarter. Other countries are India, Vietnam and the United States. Vietnam is currently labeled as a mobile hotspot by BuzzCity with the tremendous increase of 223% during the second quarter of 2011.

If we breakdown to detail access, BuzzCity noted that 52% of its advertising in Indonesia is accessed via Nokia mobile phone. On the advertisers, the largest one who advertises through BuzzCity in Indonesia is based entertainment and gaming company, with a strong increase by a brand that is running the campaign through digital agency.

BuzzCity reveal this growth due to reduction in the cost data from operators, promotional frenzy of cheap handsets for a better mobile internet and mobile content. adalah portal berita startup dan inovasi teknologi. Kamu bisa menjadi member komunitas startup dan inovasi, mengunduh laporan riset dan statistik seputar teknologi secara cuma-cuma, dan mengikuti berita startup Indonesia dan gadget terbaru.

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