“Cardano Project” Facilitates Blockchain Education for Students

“Cardano Project” Facilitates Blockchain Education for Students

Partners with Aptikom, planning to launch cryptocurrency coin called ADA
Shensuke Murasaki of Emurgo with Regi Wahyu and Steven Gunadi / HARA
Shensuke Murasaki of Emurgo with Regi Wahyu and Steven Gunadi / HARA

Emurgo, a Japanese developer firm that supports and incubates various businesses to be integrated with the Cardano Project blockchain decentralization system, starts introducing its services in Indonesia.

In the event held by HARA with the theme “Blockchain for Real-World Problems”, Shensuke Murasaki, Emurgo’s Head of Business Development, explained the various projects in Indonesia that would involve universities and students.

The MoU was signed with the Indonesian Computer Studies Association (Aptikom). Emurgo expects to deliver fresh talents that master blockchain technology through this partnership.

“Not only training, we will also provide certificates that will be useful for entrepreneurs in Indonesia,” he added.

By Q4 2018, Cardano Project targets to extend partnerships with universities in Indonesia and various business sectors to accelerate blockchain technology implementation in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Emurgo and Cardano Project are supported by Indonesia’s Blockchain Association (ABI)

ADA to be available in Asia

As an open source service, Cardano claims to be the first blockchain platform to apply the philosophy scientific concept and evolve with the most advanced research approach.

“Currently, our market value is ranked seventh in global, supported by three top-tier organizations, Emurgo, IOHK and Cardano Foundation,” Murasaki said.

The virtual coin developed by Cardano Project is called ADA. It will later be functioned as the cryptocurrency integrated with mobile payment platform in Asia. Full implementation will be performed in Q3 2018.

“With ADA, we expect our cryptocurrency can be the leading mobile marketing platform for developer, which can be easily customized using fintech platforms,” he concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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