Carsome Indonesia on Succession, to Enter the C2B2C Business Model

Appointed Delly Nugraha as the General Manager for Carsome Indonesia

Randi Eka - 30 November 2020

In order to boost its business in Indonesia, the used car sales platform Carsome has just appointed Delly Nugraha as General Manager of Indonesia. Previously, Delly was known as VP at Gojek who was responsible for the development of SME partners. This succession was also used by Carsome as a form of commitment to seriously work on the Indonesian market. An understanding of the local market is considered important to support this goal.

In a media conference this afternoon (26/11), Delly conveyed a number of strategies that would be taken to improve Carsome's business. One of them is to launch the C2B2C business model in 2021, enabling consumers to sell their used cars, as well as buy used cars through applications. Previously, Carsome applied C2B services, as a medium for consumers to sell their cars to dealerships - including promotional, inspection, and payment services.

Furthermore, Delly said, there are two things that will be done to strengthen the existence of Carsome Indonesia. First, continue to build consumer trust by improving used car buying and selling services that are easy, fast, and transparent. Second, build organizational and team strength in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. He believes that the positive growth in business results is in line with generating positive business margins as well.

"The used car market was affected by the pandemic, but has started to show growth again in the last few months. We believe the used car market will recover and improve in 2021. Our role at Carsome is to continue to maintain and even increase the momentum of the used car market revival," said Delly.

According to the research by DSResearch in 2018, there are several car sales services that are currently popular in Indonesia. At that time the survey was followed by 729 respondents who had made car sales transactions through the application. Apart from Carsome, there are BeliMobilGue (now rebranded as OLX Autos) and Carro.

Carsome has been present in Indonesia since 2017. As the business strengthens, including the series C funding worth $50 million obtained at the end of 2019, currently in Indonesia they have reached more than 4100 dealers. Overall they have also helped sell more than 100 thousand used cars in their operational areas, namely in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Also attending the Grace Quah event as Regional Marketing Director. He said the most significant markets for Carsome were Indonesia and Malaysia. Many efforts are being made to become a market leader, including they are currently raising new funding to present various product and service initiatives for consumers. There are no details that can be conveyed about the fundraising, the process is not yet complete.

This year, Carsome also launched several technology products, namely the CARpartner and CARdealer applications (previously known as CarsomeGO) to simplify and accelerate the process of searching for used car information and transaction convenience for used car dealers.

"We have a unique value proposition, from the dealer side, they will get more and faster offers (after the goods are inspected). Having more comprehensive options makes them happier. From the consumer side, products are also offered at competitive prices, because our system offers used cars that are sold to many dealers at once - they can bid up to a deal at a certain number, ”Delly said.

With the presence of new business models and innovations, Delly is optimistic that Carsome will become the market leader. This year, it is said to have doubled its sales from before the pandemic. In fact, the growth of used cars sold through Carsome increased by almost 300% quarter-on-quarter in the third quarter of this year.

  • Note: We are revising parts of the business model, from C2C ​​to C2B2C

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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