Time to time in the reality of life, we have to face with a situation that will evoke our emotional feelings, either be it frustration, sadness, anger, fear, happiness, pity or even love.

As humans, we are all born with emotional functions. Our hormones inside our body play a big role to create our mood, for an example when we are in the state of hunger, the Serotonin hormone is produced in our body, and this is usually the usual suspect that makes us grumpy. Interesting!

Having emotional feelings are part and parcel of being human beings. However if we follow our emotional intuition too much, rather than our logical sense, could put us humans in a dangerous position.

In business, there is a saying “Don’t take it personal, its only business”. The reason many people use this statement is because people mistakenly mix emotional feelings when doing business. At most times, business and logic sense is more required than emotional sense, to be more successful. For example, when one of your best friend or immediate family member is in a desperate moment in their business, they then propose us to partner in a project which may not have equal benefits, between them and us.

What would you do in that moment?

Do we have to accept the terms merely because we feel bad when we reject their proposal, or do we accept it because we feel pity to them due to knowing their desperate situation? Or we accept the project because we want to help them.

This is the moment where we separate ourselves as a business person or a friend. As a Good friend or family member, we can give our time to listen and give an equal chance to present their business project proposal. When we start helping without emotional sense, we can advise our friends and family members to revise their proposed project towards a win-win situation for both parties. However, we should turn down the offer if they insist to be one-sided. Is this being cold hearted? Don’t think so, as long as we put emotions aside.

Imagine if you accept the project because you feel bad or pity about him, you may help him/her just for the short term, however we will not teach our friend or family member to be better or to have a sustainable business and life.

Overconfidence is a powerful source of illusions, primarily determined by the quality and coherence of the story that you can construct, not by its validity. If people can construct a simple and coherent story, they will feel confident regardless of how well grounded it is in reality.

Control your emotion is one specific topic discussed in Thinkfresh book / Thinkfresh
Control your emotion is one specific topic discussed in Thinkfresh book / Thinkfresh

Disclosure: This guest post is written by Danny Oei Wirianto, GDP Venture’s CMO and Thinkfresh’s author.

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