The fist information is from Dailylicious about the research finding that most of the Twitter users feel okay to see the advertisements or promotion on their timeline. While this research is done by Lab24 on the US users, it can be interesting information to learn.

The next information is about the stock exchange in Indonesia which now become more interesting for foreign investor, according to PT Panin Sekuritas. It is dealing with the Indonesian economy globally but can bring effect to startups development and business. You may find the further information here.

Before we go to the information from Dailylicious, there is some news on DailySocial about events. There are two announcements for the winner of event has been held by Blaast and winners of Nokia DevStart Competition. Next is the events which are still open for registration; SparxUp Awards 2011 and Founder Institute. Further information can be read on each link mentioned.

Next is the news about mobile. The first one is from DS which announce that new DS application for Windows Phone can be downloaded on marketplace. Then there is news from Evolitera and Scoop which cooperate to give services on premium content e-book from Evolitera on Scoop. Then news from Nexian which has reached 10 million users, and also the news about global development about virtual payment card that has been launched in Kenya which is a pilot project with the support from Standard Chartered Bank and MasterCard.

Back to Dailylicious, we heard the rumors said that will be re-launched in the middle of October, as one of the step by the new CEO Iriana Muadz. Let’s wait and see what will happen. There is also an article from Huffington Post entitled ‘What an Indonesian Start-Up Can Teach Brands’. On this article is mentioned the discussion of the writer with Danny Wirianto.

Speaking of Danny, he has just officially announced his resignation as Kaskus Chief Marketing. Although his resignation has just done last July 15th 2011, it has just announced to public some weeks ago. Danny will concentrate on his new company Still about the job change, Sutanto Hartono will resign as President Director of Microsoft Indonesia and Erwan Mace will join Google team.

Next is the article about global Indonesian economy. Indonesia is on the list of CIVETS – Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa – a group of countries regarded as the next generation of tiger economies. Further information can be found here.

Dailylicious also share the link about tips from Daniel Arroyo ( Co-founder and CEO) about the transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur. There are three tips: Moonlighting, Joining Entrepreneurship Program, and Prepare Your Finance. You can find the complete information here.

There are some global services will/has been in Indonesia and already has users in Indonesia. The first one is eBay who appoint Edelman as Asia Pacific Public Relation Officer and will open an office in Jakarta, ends the cooperation with

There is information from HootSuite which start to pays attention on Indonesian users, Google has launched the first Google Chrome campaign in Indonesia. Yahoo! officially introduced Yahoo!Post Indonesia while Instagram launched the 2.0 version and Posterous launched Posterous Space.

There is also information came from a survey stated that there are two cities in Indonesia regarded as having the worst internet connection; Surabaya and Palembang. There is also information from Nielsen that has just releases new report about the mobile phone users in South East Asia and the news from XL Tunai that now can be toped up from BII.

Still about local news, there is news from local startups and services such as the emerging of restaurant directory from Surabaya,, then, also the new news about SixReps that is preparing services for the US market, BisTip that starts to get positive response and has just launched new features. Also update from and the new comer

Next is information about new startup model you may learn. Nail It Then Scale It; dig the problems of the users, find the solution, learn the market strategy and business model, then scale it. You may read the further information about it here.

Two last news is from Dailylicious for this two weeks. The first one is the Social Media Festival. It is the biggest social media event as the collaboration of SalingSilang, fxGeneration, and DailySocial. In the first day, SocMedFest hashtag became global trending topic on Twitter.

The last information is about the patent in Indonesia. The article written on Jakarta Post can be the additional information about patent in Indonesia. The article can be read here.

Before we come to the end of this recap, there is new information from Indonesian startup which receives investment. It comes from Startup of the Year 2011 voted by DailySocial readers. It is idblogNetwork which gets investment from East Ventures. The complete news about the investment and idblogNetwork business future can be read here.

Last but not least, as usual, we will give some information about opinion article written by DailySocial editors, such as a note about Game on Top Free Apps List, why people still make new online marketplace, and what does nokia have in mind for Qt? Also about internet user privacy.

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