Depok Targets “Smart City” Status by 2025

Michael Erlangga - 16 June 2015

As one of the Capital’s supporting cities, Depok which holds the titel of “Cyber City”, needs to add more public facilities to accommodate its citizens who’ve become more tech-savvy. The blueprint of turning Depok as one of smart cities is designed to enable citizens utilizing the resources efficiently as best as they can by 2025.

As one of attemps to materialize the plan, the Department of Communication and Information of Depok has provided free hotspot for the people in 254 spots, with one of the focus lies on Margonda Street, which has already got equipped with 23 spots.

“The procurement of call center, website, and Wi-Fi access at 16 schools. Thus, we expect that Depok ICT Award may attract young people to join the animation and live report competition which may kickstart the Depok smart city campaign,” said Idris Abdul Shomad, Depok’s Vice Major, as cited from Tribun News (13/6).

Another solution that comes out of the smart city adoption is the empowerment of government in serving the public. By utilizing proper IT infrastructure, the people may access basic services and licenses within the governance.

“The attempt of Depok Cyber City comes with the most internet users in Indonesia. Creating the public. Making them tech-savvy, so that they won’t lose any information. Healthy Depok Cyber City is equipped with healthy internet,” Shomad claimed.

The Department’s Head Fitriawan added that his team have planned to install Wi-Fi in districts, centers of crowd, educational areas, bus terminals, housing, and etc.

“Every wifi spot can be accessed, including at the Depok City Hall. We install 23 spots along Margonda Street, including at some parks there, “ he told, Monday (8/6).

To socialize the program, MetroTV reported that Depok’s Major Nur Mahmudi Ismail provides Mobile Community Access Point, a car which is equipped with IT technologies to be used as a mean of education at the visited locations. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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