"Digital Voucher" Becomes Gilkor Innovation to Support Customer's Loyalty

To help retails monitoring and managing loyalty program

Prayogo Ryza - 11 September 2018

In an attempt to indulge the retail consumers, Gilkor creates an innovation using the Digital Voucher system. It'll be in one integrated dashboard and aimed to accommodate the voucher's management.

Sinartrus Sosrodjojo, Gilkor's CEO, said that the loyalty program was previously issued as physical voucher or coupon to be redeemed through some steps. Now the Digital Voucher system will help simplify it, for both consumers and retails.

"Consumers no longer have to bring the loyalty program's physical card and go to customer service, because they can now exchange points into a voucher using a mobile app developed by Gilkor. The transaction process in tenants wouldn't be difficult, consumers only have to do a barcode scan mechanism. For the retails, this solution intends to help mall management to improve customer loyalty and increase visitors by monitoring what customers want and how to properly interact, based on data," he explained.

The Digital Voucher system will be integrated with ELYS (Engagement & Loyalty Solutions), a system capable of capturing member's spending data with point collection & redeem feature. It can be integrated to produce graphics and report for the benefit of management analysis.

As the mall, besides saving costs in printing and labor cost, the Digital Voucher system also helps in targeting users. Including to help with tracking and analysis.

Since May 2018, the Digital Voucher system by Gilkor has been implemented in one of the retail developers of Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia. It is said to be Gilkor's commitment to increase mall and retail productivity.

"As a technology company, we always listen to our partner's aspirations and demands for us to continue with innovations in providing the best. We expect, with the Digital Voucher [system], we can help retail entrepreneurs to increase customer loyalty by providing the best shopping experience for consumers," Sosrodjojo said.

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