DokterSiaga Chatbot is Now Adding the Doctor’s Schedule

The last version is to find the nearest hospital through chat and voice, replaced by doctor's appointment feature

Prayogo Ryza - 18 September 2019

In 2019, a startup for doctor’s information and schedule, DokterSiaga has done some improvements and updates. One of the things is on network infrastructure and software architecture. The chatbot too.

The last version, such as find the nearest hospital through chat and voice replaced by the feature to find the doctor’s schedule. It is due to the high demand for the doctor’s schedule

“In addition, DokterSiaga also release a chatbot platform for hospital or clinic as a communication media for patients and hospitals. Patients need information and hospital services as fast,” DokterSiaga’s Founder, Fatah Iskandar Akbar said.

He added, “On the other side, hospitals have limited resources to handle all patient’s requests through social media. Therefore, the problems expected to be solved with this hospital chatbot.”

The chatbot is said to answer all the questions on the doctor’s appointment and availability, including things like, “Is the dentist available on Monday?”, “Please share the eye specialist schedule in hospital X”, and many more.

He also mentioned that they’re to partner up with stakeholder in health industry, such as Indonesia’s Doctor Association United (PDIB), Indonesian Doctors Legal Aid Institute (LBHDI).

“There are three stages for this, data collection on doctor’s schedule, and deliver it based on the medium, such as the website, android app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other chat apps. The last step is as important, for doctor’s schedule updates,” he said.

Later, the chatbot is to be offered to the hospital in need of efficiency solution, related to the doctor’s schedule and availability in partiular. The hospital is to get charged the subscription fee of each implementation.

“The long-term target is to develop chatbot features to be the virtual health asistant along with the DokterSiaga’s vision,” he said.

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