Dompet Sehat Eases Users Organizing Their Income and Expenses

Aditya Daniel - 17 October 2014

Technology has definitely eased people organizing their personal expenses. Be it in form of apps or websites, technology helps people taking notes about their expenses and income as well, and organize them as they wish. One of startups that works on this segment is Dompet Sehat. This GITR finalist  provides a finance organizer service, although it’s still in beta version. Despite the fact that it’s still under construction, Dompet Sehat has functioned as it will be once it becomes the full version, even though several bugs are still there.

The platform is quite easy to use. Users only have to fill out the registration form, and they’ll be able to fully access it, of course after they verify their account via an e-mail sent to them.

Users may add the source of income, e.g savings, wallet, or other sources, by themselves. They may also allocate their money to pay bills, transfer, buy food, and many others at their very first visit to the platform. Users only have to enter their expenses afterward and Dompet Sehat will automatically reduce their registered amount of money based on that.

Should users authorize the platform and this is marked by their willingness to fill out the log in form, Dompet Sehat may also tell their savings stocked up in their registered bank account. Even though it only serves customers of BCA, BNI, and Mandiri for the time being, this feature may ease users to know about their balance without having to go to the teller or ATM. In this regard, Dompet Sehat claims that it will only see through accounts that have been registered by the users. As stated on its FAQ page, this activity will be monitored and verified by TRUSTe, Verisign and Hackersafe, and secured by RSA as well.

Those functions become Dompet Sehat’s asset to keep growing and get recognized as well as selected by huge amount of users. However, the platform should not put aside the fact that it still has a number of bugs to be taken care of, while finding the most suitable business model.

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