DS EVENT: The Trend of Social Media Usage for Startups

Michael Erlangga - 24 February 2015

The social media fest called Social Media Week Jakarta was inaugurated just yesterday (23/2). The presence of social media nowadays has brought with it a whole new dimension of marketing, especially for startups. It’s interesting to learn how startups maximize the media to touch their very customers. During the event, DailySocial gets the chance to gather a group of startups to sit together within a panel and share.

Although business is the main theme, the utilization of media social doesn’t necessarily result on marketing craze. It’s how to interact, serve, and educate consumers.

Discussion on the utilization of social media tools took a part in the session. The debate was on which one’s better, to use paid tools with premium services or the free one.

The panel discussion, which is themed “The Use of Social Media Trend for Startups”, will feature HijUp’s CEO Diajeng Lestari, Maskoolin’s CMO Mustafa Kemal, and Tees’ General Manager Astrid Arum, and be moderated by Trenologi’s Editor in Chief Wiku Baskoro.

Those speakers will share about their experience in managing their own social media, about the negative impacts and how they solve each problem that pops up.

The session is expected to provide insight for the audience upon maximizing the use of their social media. Regarding its free access and massive coverage, it’s no longer a secret that social media has spearheaded startups’ marketing.

If you care of joining the session, you may come to Pacific Place Mall on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 16.50 to 18.20 WIB. Further information would be available here.

This panel discussion is free of charge. The “Sold Out” sign doesn’t mean that you can’t join the party, but please do come early to reserve your seat in the show.

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