[DSChoice] Halal Local and pergiumroh are in Fundraising Stage

Halal Local (Bandung) is aiming for $100,000, while pergiumroh (Jakarta) needs $900,000

Randi Eka - 15 August 2019

After and Invita in the previous series, DailySocial continues to provide recommendations for investors regarding potential early-stage startups. This startup selection is based on several criteria. In the process, each nominee asked to submit extensive information about the team and the traction. The coverage will be limited, as an overview and public notice. The explanations were written directly by each founder.

Halal Local (Bandung)

Vertical, Platform & Year of Founded: Tourism, Mobile (Android), 2016

Halal Local

Company Description

Halal Local is a mobile app which allows Muslim traveller to get offers in comprehensive tourism needs such as nearby halal restaurants, prayer rooms, prayer time, qibla and so on. Halal Local gives worldwide coverage over 140+ countries all around the world with global app users. Our customer base is currently 25% Indonesia, 26% Saudi Arabia and UAE, 12,5% USA & Canada, 12,6% UK and Europe and 23,9% in other big countries.

The app is specialized in halal foods, so we are actively listing over 55K+ halal restaurants and validate the halal label. Halal Local give freemium membership and open API for data analytics, especially to restaurants, so they can develop its business effectively and efficiently. The startup is co-founded by two people who were studying for postgraduate degrees at universities in the United Kingdom.


App DownloadMonthly Active Users
10.000+ downloads1.600+ unique users


How much do you expect to raise?How much equity are you willing to give away for this round?
USD 100.00015% max

The plan is to use 60% of the funding for technology, salary, and operational costs; and the other 40% of the funding for marketing activities that will grow the traffic as well as our database value. Halal Local will use 40% for the marketing activities to enlarge the halal restaurants’ list worldwide.

Further details:

Application Information Will Show Up Here

pergiumroh (Jakarta)

Vertical, Platform & Year of Founded: Travel, Website & Mobile (Android), 2018


Company Description

pergiumroh is the leading online marketplace for umroh in Indonesia. They work with over 30 trusted travel operators to provide over 300 packages; customers can choose, pick, compare and purchase in one single platform. The platform also provides planning mechanism to make umroh purchasing more affordable.

Umroh is a USD 2 billion per year market. All stakeholders (government, industry players) are excited about the industry digitization and we’re leading the market today in terms of the digital marketplace.


Registered UserMonthly GMV
1050+ users$53,000


How much do you expect to raise?How much equity are you willing to give away for this round?
USD 900,00020% max

pergiumroh is looking for partner(s) to grow together. The fund would be for 12 months runway, and we would expect we can raise for Series A in the next round. Having partner(s) that can push this together, can help us open doors for more network and follow up investment would be beneficial for the company.

Further details:

Application Information Will Show Up Here


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