[DSChoice] Doktersiaga and Talkabot are in Fundraising Stage

Doktersiaga (Jakarta) is aiming for $350,000, while Talkabot (Bandung) needs $500,000

Randi Eka - 1 November 2019

DailySocial continues to provide recommendations for investors regarding potential early-stage startups. This startup selection is based on several criteria. In the process, each nominee asked to submit extensive information about the team and the traction. The coverage will be limited, as an overview and public notice. The explanations are written directly by each founder.

Doktersiaga (Jakarta)

Vertical, Platform & Year of Founded: Healthtech, Web & Chatbot, 2015

Doktersiaga is a virtual health assistant app to help people get doctor's schedule information in a fast time and can be accessed for 24 hours. Through the Doktersiaga web-app, users can also find the nearest hospital and make an appointment with a medical officer at the chosen location.

In 2018 there are at least 2820 hospitals in Indonesia. The founder’s ambitious target is to embrace up to 20%. They charge a subscription fee for the platform Rp3.5 million per month. Their business model is Software as a Service, leasing the systems (chatbot + machine learning) to hospitals/clinics/health-center. The service is applied through website and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others.


Monthly Active UsersPartners
12.000 users in the public website and chat apps integrated with the system3 hospitals, 1 government office implemented the SaaS


How much do you expect to raise?How much equity are you willing to give away for this round?
US$350.000Max. 25%

The allocation plan after obtaining funding for OPEX (64%), CAPEX (5.5%), and marketing (30.5%).

Further details:

  • Founders: Fatah Iskandar Akbar, Fadrli Yahya Polosoro, Edi Alpino, and Nani Krisnawaty
  • Funding Round: Bootstrapping
  • Competitor: SehatQ, Alodokter, etc.

Talkabot (Bandung)

Vertical, Platform & Year of Founded: SMEs B2B, Web & Chatbot, 2017

Talkabot is a chatbot platform for SMEs that specializes in managing business investment systems. This service can be applied on websites or messaging applications, from WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Line. Besides having an artificial intelligence-based feature for automatic replies, Talkabot also complements with an analytics dashboard to maximize business.

Their services are distributed in a subscription model based on the completeness of the features used. For WhatsApp and Instagram services, they charge special rates, because there are APIs that must be subscribed separately. Talkabot can also be integrated into various systems, such as WooCoomerce on Wordpress.


Monthly Active UsersPartners
400.000 users in chat400 platform subscribers


How much do you expect to raise?How much equity are you willing to give away for this round?
US$500.000Max. 20%

The funding will be allocated for marketing activities to scale the business & improve the performance & experience of the tool, so brands/businesses can use it as easy as possible.

Further details:

  • Founders: Distra Vantari and Eka Ginting
  • Funding Round: Seed Funding with undisclosed amount.
  • Competitor: Tokotalk, Bang Joni, etc.
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