DSConnect: Batex and Cityplan are Fundraising

Batex produces cutting edge batteries for energy storage systems; Cityplan empowers companies to find the location for expansion strategy and optimize their supply chain

Randi Eka - 13 January 2022

DSConnect is launched to bridge between startups and investors. Using this platform, investors can find a list of startup founders currently fundraising with the details of the company, founders, as well as fundraising. With a click of a button, founders and interested potential investors can get an email introduction they can follow up with further meetings.

This article is the opening series to promote selected startups on DSConnect are currently fundraising. We did a tight curation for each entry to ensure the startup quality. Here's the list:

Batex ($700K)

Batex Technologies is a company based in Central Java that produces cutting edge batteries for energy storage systems that will be used for consumer power walls, silent generator set ($1.5 billion markets in the Asia Pacific, 2020), and electric vehicles (projected $60 billion markets in SEA by 2027).

More info:

Cityplan ($250K)

Cityplan is a startup that empowers companies to find the location for expansion strategy and optimize their supply chain through location intelligence. Currently, we broaden our service to the logistic industry, especially the pick-up point expansion in the first mile and last-mile process. The Indonesia courier, express, and parcel (CEP) market will reach $6045 million by 2026 (Mordor intelligence report).

More info:

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