DSConnect: LingoTalk and Gelora.id are Fundraising

LingoTalk provides a language learning platform; and Gelora.id is a SaaS for sport venue operators to digitally manage their facilities

DSConnect is launched to bridge between startups and investors. Using this platform, investors can find a list of startup founders currently fundraising with the details of the company, founders, as well as fundraising. With a click of a button, founders and interested potential investors can get an email introduction they can follow up with further meetings.

This article is the opening series to promote selected startups on DSConnect are currently fundraising. We did a tight curation for each entry to ensure the startup quality. Here's the list:

LingoTalk ($500K)

LingoTalk is an edtech platform focusing on delivering efficient language learning with the support of an AI-based recommendation system. Aiming to deliver only what matters, LingoTalk serves as an aggregator to produce personalized material to the users which are pre-assessed based on their needs, preferences, and learning style. LingoTalk provides several options of languages with specific key segments that are tailor-made to the users' needs.

More info: https://connect.dailysocial.id/fundraising/lingotalk

Gelora.id ($500K)

Gelora.id is a sports marketplace enabled by a SaaS for venue operators to digitally manage their facilities, starting from bookings. The sports industry is notorious for their lagging innovations, and is still managed by paper and pen for decades, consequently its hard for sport communities to find an available facility. Gelora is modernizing this space with cloud management software and data analytics.

More info: https://connect.dailysocial.id/fundraising/geloraid


For more startups and opportunities to invest in them, visit https://connect.dailysocial.id/. If you are a startup founder and are still fundraising, please select the “Connect to Investor” option and tell us more about your startup and the fundraising. Meanwhile, if you are a venture capitalist or angel investor, please “Apply as Investor” and give us a little bit of information about you before we decide to admit you to the platform.

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