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A crowdfunding platform to support education

Yenny Yusra - 11 May 2018

Initiated because of concern on Indonesia's education, Zaky Zakaria created As an Executive Director, he said that there are so many educational issues in Indonesia nowadays. is introduced as an attempt to help public and government to accelerate the distribution of quality and access to Indonesia's education. It's a crowdfunding platform to support campaign related to educational activities in Indonesia.

"Education issues can't be solved only by the government. The public should have contributed. The one who knows the issue in the area is its own population. The one aware of the teachers' concern is not the ministry or the officials but their neighbors. The first one to know school's damage is not government officials but the environment."

The solution can be found anywhere, Zakaria added. After a few discussion with several parties, he found solutions, new ideas, movements, and spirit from the people, but there's no specific platform for it.

"For those who want to use, just enter the site, register, and fill out the form. Follow the instruction. Later, the team will verify the identity and initiatives," he added.

After verification, users can directly use the donation. The success of the initiatives depends on its distribution coverage. Therefore, spread the initiatives through social media. Monetizing strategy applied by is to take 5% fee of every donation. platform is similar to crowdfunding mechanism, but it's focused on education, particularly in the remote area. positive activity

Up until now, has supported six activities, two of them have been accomplished. Computer for change is an example, a movement from Tedihouse and volunteers. There's also campagin to build Rumah Teladan in Nusa Tenggara Timur, a study center for Waturaka people, literacy act of Panti Baca Ceria, and so on. also provides donation options for trusted and registered organization. It's to facilitate users who want to donate. Each initiative consists of five categories,: extracurricular, infrastructure, props, research, and campaign.

"In 2018, we're trusted as people's top of mind to find a solution and to solve educational issues," Zakaria said.

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