e27 Introduces Marketplace

Amir Karimuddin - 19 October 2015

Singapore-based online publisher e27 recently introduced Marketplace, which presents a new way of purchasing products and tech services, especially to B2B players. During its launching, e27 claimed that it has pertnered with 50 products and services, in which some are available for consumers in Indonesia.

Thaddeus Koh, e27’s COO and CFO, stated in his release, “Marketplace is an organic decision by the [e27] team. We keep receiving inquiries about the latest products and services on daily basis. At the same time, we also possess many business lines that require us to review and showcase their products. Hence, Marketplace.”

“The idea is to create a niche collaborative community, tech [people] help tech [products and services].” That’s Marketplace’s motto. Focusing to industries that facilitate startups is the best way to assist entrepreneurs to grow themselves and their business,” e27’s Founder and CEO Mohan Belani added.

Most of services available at Marketplace are cloud, SaaS, and standalones that target B2B consumers. There are also hardwares, such as Pouch’s NFC Wristband. Nanoprivate’s edutech platform called “Elearning for Student Indonesia” is also there among other Asian or global players.

To register as a seller, you only need to input the profile of your company and supplier. The information will then be verified by the team. e27 also promises to support suppliers to advertise their products at Marketplace.


Disclosure: e27’s parent company (Optimatic Pte Ltd) is one of DailySocial's investors

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