East Ventures, Derianto Kusuma, and Some Investors Pour 27,7 Billion Rupiah for AllSome Fulfillment

East Ventures, Derianto Kusuma, and Some Investors Pour 27,7 Billion Rupiah for AllSome Fulfillment

Providing packaging and delivery order, particularly from China to Southeast Asia

A Malaysian-based startup in packaging and delivery order (fulfillment) “AllSome Fulfillment” just secured funding through venture round worth of $1.94 million or around 27.7 billion Rupiah. It was led by East Ventures involving some investors as Derianto Kusuma (Traveloka’s Ex Co-Founder and CTO) with other twos from previous round, Y Combinator and SOSV.

The fresh funds will be used to accelerate the company’s mission in cross-country fulfillmente-commerce. It includes expanding to Southeast Asia countries. The startup was founded by Ng Yi Ying (Malaysia) and Liu Yi Shu (China) in 2018.

AllSome is to cut some cost for cross-country fulfillment and logistics up to 40% through the services. They are now building network consists of 250 virtual warehouse in China and Malaysia and serving 50 clients in Southeast Asia. Up to 120 thousand packages proceed daily.

As the former online seller, we can say that fulfillment service is expensive. AllSome Fulfillment was built to make it affordable for all sellers in need. We are working hard to build broader coverage to serve those who want to deliver their packages,” AllSome Fulfillment’s Co-Founder and CTO, Ng Yi Ying said.

AllSomeFulfillment was first created to bridge overseas sellers and buyers, especially from China to Southeast Asia. The service omits complicated procedures for online sellers, including supplier search, quality control, storage safety, packaging, delivery to customers, and location tracking.

In terms of buyers, AllSome Fulfillment reduces the time waste for opening some sites to track their package because the service comes with a tracking system using the phone number.

East Venture Partner Melisa Irene said, “AllSome Fulfillment team has built the right term to accelerating and optimizing expedition in Southeast Asia’s online retail market. By allowing online sellers to access product availability and logistics service from China, and building decentralized local fulfillment, this is going to open a real door to the business transaction in the region.”

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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