Ekrut Secures Pre-Series A Funding

Led by Ventura Discovery. Participated also, Bizreach Inc with some investors

Prayogo Ryza - 10 April 2019

Ekrut recruitment platform has announced to secure Pre-Series A funding with undisclosed value. It was led by Venturra Discovery, Venturra Capital’s investment arm. Bizreach Inc also participated in this round, including all the previous ones, such as East Ventures, Prasetia Dwidharma, and SkyStar Capital.

This funding will be used to speed up Ekrut’s business growth, including to improve product quality and data science by making efficient recruitment. It applies also to the recommendation system of talent platform.

Using the current funding, Ekrut has plan to improve talent and entrepreneur network in Indonesia to build stronger value with lower cost.

“In the last decade, we’ve seen how technology has helped the multi-industry and disrupt the usual way. It’s ironic how the highly skilled process of recruiting middle-high level managers is still manual, with specific mechanism and difficult way to sort the best candidates. It requires unique and special solution to provide classified candidates based on technology skill identification, which we believe exist in Ekrut,” Venturra Discovery’s Managing Partner, Raditya Pramana said.

Ekrut was founded by Steven Suliawan and Ardo Gozal which premise is hard to acquire talents with relevant experience, particularly in technology. The company is said to have 2,700 network companies with 120,000 skilled talents.

“We finally identify the market issues and decided to solve it.” Suliawan said.

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