Escrow Service Provider Inapay is Closed Down

Escrow service provider Inapay officially shut its services. As being stated on its website, Inapay, which was in the industry for three years, would no longer serve escrow service as per January 25 2015. However, the platform’s dashboard would still be working until March 30, particularly to assist customers cashing in their remaining credit. Inapay will permanently delete all customers’ data on March 31, 2015.

According to our data per December 2013, Inapay had gathered 25 thousand users. Back then, the innovation was to launch Inapay 2.0 with additional features and security factor. In 2014, the team targeted to have more customers at their disposal, although the mission wasn’t accomplished. Inapay successfully sealed a seed funding from East Ventures.

During its lifetime, Inapay had made a total of 29.466 transaction, not a bad record. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as its competitors enjoyed more significant growth with their Internet Banking, e-wallet, and credit card payment methods. Escrow service is people’s preference no more.

To Inapay’s customers who have inquiries about their credit or data may post them to admin[at]

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