EV Hive and Clapham Collective Merges, Will Use “EV Hive @ Clapham” for Medan and Sumatra

Clapham’s founder, Chris Angkasa, to join EV Hive's Advisory Board

EV Hive has announced the merger with coworking space provider in Medan, Clapham Collective, for operational expansion. EV Hive plans in pouring investment to build coworking space in Medan and Sumatra. In associated with its own brand, EV Hive reported to be using the name "EV Hive @ Clapham".

Chris Angkasa, Clapham's founder, will join EV Hive advisory board. In terms of services, the EV Hive team is currently consolidating, as EV Hive @ Clapham will be using EV Hive's SOP and platform technologies.

"As the third largest city in Indonesia, Medan becomes the main entrance for business in Sumatra. Along with the vision of EV Hive’s founder, coworking space will be popularize as cultural exchange platform as well as meeting places to strengthen business relationships of entrepreneurs in Jakarta and Medan," Angkasa said.

Carlson Lau, EV Hive's Co-Founder and CEO, added, "We are excited about the huge demand for coworking space and strong community scope from local communities and startups in the region. Moreover, Chris as a leader figure and investors with integrity. We are enthusiast to make him as our advisor. While extending network to 100 coworking space in Indonesia, we will continue to build strategies for partnering with local communities, as well as connecting people in our ecosystem."

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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