Ezyhaul Logistics Startup Secures Funding Worth of 226 Billion Rupiah, Preparing for Expansion to Indonesia

Offering B2B logistics for shorthoul, longhoul, and cross-border shipments

Randi Eka - 12 July 2019

A logistics service and platform developer startup Ezyhaul today (7/10) announced series B funding worth of $16 million (around 226 billion Rupiah). There’s no further information about the investor related. The capital is to be focused on the expansion to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Founded by Mudasar Mohamed and Raymond Gillon, the company providing delivery services has a headquarter in Singapore. They run a B2B business model with shorthaul (short-distance), longhaul (long-distance), and cross-border (cross-countries).

Using the series A funding in 2018, Ezyhaul has been running operation in Malaysia, India, and Thailand. It’s an end-to-end product, starts from logistics vehicles, door-to-door transportation (pick-up and delivery), also logistic management.

The clients only required to plan logistics delivery. After filling the order details and make a payment, the system will offer delivery options based on specification, for example, related to the items, its size, etc.

The driver partners can take an order from the mobile app – it’s similar to Go-Send – only for bigger shipment. In the current dashboard, customers can also track the delivery.

In addition to the analytic and report features, Ezyhaul also develops API service to be integrated into the company’s system. It is to provide efficiency in time for delivery.

In this e-commerce era, logistics are very vital. On the other hand, Indonesia offers various challenges for the logistics business, sometimes breaking a validated business model in other countries. For example, in terms of geographic as islands, the logistics business should be prepared for two modes shipping process, land-sea or air-land. Thus, there will always be adjustments in the operational process.

There are already some startups providing similar solutions in Indonesia. One of them is Waresix, they have just received 205 billion series A funding business development in Indonesia.

In detail, DailySocial has published quite in-depth articles on the challenges and trends on the logistics business in Indonesia, titled “Ramai Beradu Teknologi Realisasikan Smart Logistics“.

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