Finantier Obtains Seed Funding, to Offer API service for Financial Business

Funding was led by East Ventures, with the participation of AC Ventures, Genesia Ventures, and some other investors

Randi Eka - 23 November 2020

Finantier is an open finance service developer startup, enabling financial companies to use an API (Application Programming Interface) connection to streamline multiple processes. In the Finantier service, there are three main features, verification of identity through data owned by users or bank data; help businesses manage raw data with machine learning; and provides features to accommodate regular payments or subscriptions.

The startup founded by Diego Rojas, Keng Low, and Edwin Kusuma, today (23/11) announced its pre-seed funding led by East Ventures with the participation of AC Ventures, Genesia Ventures, and several other investors. There is no further detail of the nominal funding obtained. The investment fund will be focused on strengthening the team and accelerating the development of their API technology, including preparing services to expand in various countries in Southeast Asia.

Finantier's Co-Founders : Diego Rojas & Keng Low

"Open finance is a framework built on the principles of open banking that gives consumers the flexibility to access their data securely and use it optimally across multiple platforms," ​​Finantier Co-Founder & CEO Diego Rojas said.

In Indonesia, open banking regulation is the responsibility of Bank Indonesia. Until now, the Open API standard is in its developing stage. Since last July 2020, BI has announced the release of the Open API standard, enabling collaboration between banks and fintechs to create an inclusive financial services ecosystem. Open API is an application program that allows companies to be integrated between systems.

In Indonesia, there are several API service startups to accommodate various payments. One of the most comprehensive is Ayoconnect, which offers an API for transactions, payments, and even transaction data management. With a different approach, there is also an API-based open banking solution provided by Brankas, enabling developers to facilitate various transactions from user to bank.

"We are leveraging the digital footprint of consumers and businesses to provide them with safe access in Southeast Asia to customized financial services, which in turn help improve consumers' financial well-being," Co-Founder & CPO Finantier, Keng Low added.

Meanwhile, Finantier's Co-Founder & COO Edwin Kusuma outlined one of the issues that fintech players in Indonesia have often encountered. "P2P lending companies often have difficulty channeling loans to individuals and SMEs. Usually, this is due to a lack of information or because fintech companies are unable to get a complete financial picture of prospective borrowers, even though this data is needed to reduce loan risk and reduce costs."

Finantier was founded in the middle of this year aiming to provide the infrastructure and data needed by businesses to build the next generation of financial products. Finantier enables fintech platforms and financial institutions to collaborate securely to provide consumers with flexibility, convenience and security in utilizing their financial data.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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