Flondr App is Ready to Become Local Business Directory

Currently in beta stage, planned to be officially launched in early 2018

A key for today's technological development is the easy access of information. This is a spirit carried by Flondr, a mobile application that seeks to provide information about interesting places in an easy one. Starting from the address, phone number, opening hours, and other information.

Flondr is currently in beta and continues to refine everything, includes excelling the app to keep the user experience. Flondr will be officially released in early 2018.

Flondr founder, Yoga Mandala, told DailySocial about his goal to build Flondr to help people in discovering news of commercial shops in Indonesia. One of the excellent features is an easy view, equipped with keyword and location-based search. In addition, the directory provides site address, social media accounts, BBM and WhatsApp number. In the future, Mandala promises many added features, such as redeem, promotions, and more.

Conceptually, Flondr works like an online directory. There will be information about places or commercial shops that hard to get in community. Flondr existence is to help community getting the location and to connect with the intended business.

"We are confident as everyone needs daily directions, phone, and opening hours. Users are now forced to use a less reliable and inaccurate platform, because there is no other choice. Flondr wants to provide answers for society’s complaints by providing an easier platform with various interesting features," Mandala said.

On the other hand, Flondr strives to help business places to be known to the public. Through Flondr, business or store can be promoted by offering promo codes or anything similar.

As a new service and app, Flondr’s objective is not easy. They must continue to improve quality while continue to boost users acquisition, for both general users and store or business users to survive and grow.

"In one year or two, Flondr plans an useful features addition such as promotional media and it is expected to be working with online company drivers like GO-JEK, Uber, or Grab. There will also be Flondr Pay to support society in buying products / services in Flondr application," Mandala concluded.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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