Fonaja is Selected to Pitch on G-Startup - GMIC 2011 Event in Beijing

wiku - 9 April 2011

Fonaja was selected to be one, and the only startup from Indonesia who will do the pitch at the G-Startup which is a series of events from the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2011.

GMIC itself is the biggest mobile internet conference in Asia, which will present various speakers from executives companies such as Tencent, Gree, Opera, etc..

DailySocial have also been announced this event some time ago. There were several events that became a series of events from GMIC such as conferences, AppSpace and G-Starup which provided an opportunity for the startups to make pitch in front of the panelists consisting of the venture capitalists and angel investors.

There were two categories of startup pitch, seed / early stage startups and growth-stage startups. Fonaja included in the first category because their services are not yet released to the public. Since their services have not been released to the public, their site is existed but still does not provide a detailed explanation. I tried to contact Pascal Christian from Fonaja to find out what services they provide as well as some issues related with the Fonaja election in the G-Startup event.

Principally, Fonaja will provide services such as enterprise / office phone system for small and medium businesses. Pascal explained that, "Fonaja will provide services where the telephone system / PBX will be hosted on the cloud (by us), and every business could have a phone number and extension for each staff. Later on, this extension would be forwarded to mobile phone or another phone number, but with the features just like office phone such as call transfer, call screening, call recording, auto-attendant/virtual receptionist, etc.. This phone system settings can be managed from the internet (our website) and we also plan to provide app for these settings."

For monetization system, they will apply the subscription system. The implementation of the cost plan is below Rp. 200.000/month and various additional features with the pay-as-you-go system.

Fonaja itself, not only selected in G-Startup show, is one of the services that goes into the Swa Startup and  top50 iMulai. For the category of seed / early stage, Fonaja will compete with other startups that originated from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. A complete list of startups that pass the selection can be viewed at this link.

Two winners will be selected and will go into the incubator in China (Innovation Works and Chinaccelator) and in Silicon Valley (Plug and Play Tech Center) and will receive other prizes. Fonaja itself as an international startup (from Indonesia) who pass the selection also got some facilities, pitch, booth demos and 'outing' to the tech scene in Beijing and had the opportunity to meet the VCs and get a written analysis of services and companies that are being developed.

The election Fonaja in international-scale event would be good news, not just the success passing the selection and become representative of Indonesia, but also good for development in Fonaja itself. Still in the early stages, by performing pitch and get a VC analysis surely can be a valuable input for Fonaja service development.

Congratulations to Fonaja, good luck for the pitch!

Disclosure: DailySocial is one of the event partners of GMIC event.

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