Freelancer: Social Media-Related Jobs are Labelled ‘Most Wanted’ by Indonesians

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 14 November 2014

More and more Indonesians get accustomed to online jobs nowadays, especially the youngsters. The question is, which type of online jobs do Indonesian youth generation looks for the most today? This question seems to be the very basic one that triggered Freelancer, a global freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, to conduct a research on jobs for the “entrepreneurs of the future”.

In conducting the research, Freelancer collected the data and classified them into Fast 50, which consists of 50 most wanted online jobs in Indonesia during the third quarter of 2014. FYI, the data was gathered from Freelancer experts’ review towards 295.259 online jobs worldwide. From this process, it was found that jobs related to social media had quite an increase, up to 63% from the previous quarter.

From all digital players being included in the report, Pinterest had the biggest leap, even though it had yet surpassed Facebook. This might due to its role in enhancing the performance of e-commerce platforms. Even though its contribution wasn’t as big as Facebook’s, Twitter’s, or even Instagram’s, it still gives a big picture of the future of Indonesian e-commerce industry.

Further about the research, Freelancer described the enhancement of people’s interests toward social media related jobs. In detail, Google+ got 532% bigger, from 269 jobs in the second quarter to 1699 jobs in the third quarter. Google AdWords also had an increase of 22% to 1238 jobs.

Prior to the condition, the Social Media Marketing position was also increased significantly, around 96% to 3755 jobs. Twitter’s marketing went up 56% to 3663 jobs and Facebook’s went by 20% to 8571 jobs. This significant increase of social media marketing was accompanied by the increase of people’s interests as well.

The social media has indeed been an integral part of businesses today. That being said, a company that has no, at least one, social media channel is considered to be outdated. Given this fact, it’s not surprising to see that the jobs related to social media become most wanted profession for job seekers. This is actually a good sign for companies to start enhancing their capabilities of interacting as well as promoting in social media.

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